Secure, fast, unlimited accounts VPS

VPS for Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Our VPS servers are unique not only because of their reliability, safety and speed, but also because they come bundled with unlimited DirectAdmin control panel license – free of charge. Unlimited license means that you can host on our VPS with our DirectAdmin license an unlimited amount of separate accounts and an unlimited amount of domains–of course, as much accounts and domains as the VPS chosen by you can technically stand and host it: the higher the package the more accounts you are technically able to host on the VPS. Therefore it is obviously worthwhile to buy a large VPS package where you can host a high number of shared hosting accounts and domains.


Thus our VPS are of particular interest to Internet Service Providers offering shared hosting because a control panel, such as Direct Admin, is indispensable for offering shared hosting.


Most providers do not inform their clients that their VPS package (or for that matter dedicated server) does not include control panel. So you are happy, you found a bargain – a VPS for EUR 5 – as in the case of a German provider.  But when you go to the shopping cart, and you  discover that the cPanel admin panel is not included in price, that it is  EUR 13 extra, which means that it costs over two and a half times as much as VPS itself. And it allows only 5 accounts.


Control panels with unlimited hosting accounts are nowadays an exception rather than a rule. For instance the CPanel Solo license allows only 1 account and costs $15 monthly. If you want to host more than 50 accounts, then you need to pay EUR 25 or more for the license alone. The most expensive cPanel license – cPanel Premier – allows 100 accounts and costs $48,50 monthly (each account over 100 costs extra USD 0,30 /month)


Be aware, that nowadays practically no provider offers new control panel licenses allowing unlimited accounts.


You may ask us, why we offer unlimited DA licenses and most other providers do not. This is because we have legacy DirectAdmin licenses bought at DirectAdmin 13 years ago when unlimited (and lifelong) licenses were a generally accepted standard but which it is no more at new, current  licenses.


So, if you are a webhosting provider buy our large VPS with our DirectAdmin control panel allowing unlimited hosting accounts.