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About Us

The www.exportal.pl. website is owned and operated by Exportal – Józef Toczek, a sole proprietorship firm based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded in 1990 the firm has been operating as Exportal since 2000.


Exportal specializes now in dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS). It provides dedicated servers and VPS to clients in over 50 countries and in USA in over 20 states.


Exportal sales amounted in 2006 to PLN 1 million and in 2007 to PLN 2,3 million (ca USD 1 million).


The IT and Internet part of the firm is managed by Dino Strzeminski, who worked for several years in IT and Internet companies such as Apexim and Ahoj.pl. He co-founded one of the first Internet auctions in Poland – Interaukcja and one of the first streaming companies – Allmedia. The owner of Exportal, dr Józef Toczek, in addition to directing the firm is a member of supervisory board of Suez Electrabel Połaniec power station on behalf of the French multinational company GdF Suez SA. Formerly he was a member of supervisory boards of Kredyt Bank SA and of Warta SA insurance on behalf of the Belgian KBC Bank and Insurance Holding and, earlier, a civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and an international civil servant and consultant with United Nations.


The owner of Exportal supports financially the Caritas Polska charity and has been serving as a member of its committees.


The owner of Exportal is a member of the Belgium Business Chamber in Poland.


Data of the firm are as follows:
Exportal – Józef Toczek
ul. Jaracza 3 /18
PL-00378 Warszawa, Poland
Tel (48-22) 626 9565
Fax (48-22) 626 9565
E-mail: contact


Bank account number – for clients outside Poland
PL06 1500 1126 1211 2009 7773 0000

Bank Santander
Oddział 66
Plac Powstańców Warszawy
00-030 Warszawa


EU VAT tax number PL 526 00 32 347
Statistical number / Regon: 016387618
Place and number of registration of the firm: Warsaw City Center, Nr 300646