DirectAdmin licenses

Buy our package of 182 DirectAdmin lifelong unlimited licenses for $9100 to escape from massive cPanel price increase

We are selling 182 DirectAdmin (DA) lifelong unlimited licenses at list price of $9100. It is good time to buy them now because:

a)The main competitor - cPanel - has just discontinued unlimited licenses and increased massively cPanel price

b) DirectAdmin has just discontinued new lifelong DA licenses (but keeps valid the existing, legacy lifelong DirectAdmin licenses such as ours). Vide:

Our offer is particularly interesting for most dense, large webhosting providers, who are especially affected by the cPanel price increase.

To show the impact of cPanel price hikes, we give a specific, real life example as conveyed by Steadfast hosting company. Before this price increase one of their clients was paying $200/year directly to cPanel for unlimited accounts on a virtualized cloud instance. With the new pricing model, cPanel's list pricing for the base license is $45/month, but is limited to 100 accounts, with additional accounts being $0.20 a month each. Now, the client of Steadfast has 1300 accounts on that one cloud instance, as they're a lot of small, static sites or simple DNS hosting. This means, that their monthly cost is now $45 + ($0.20 x 1300 additional account) = $305/month. His cost has increased from $200/year to $3660/year, which means a 1730% price increase.

Thus, if you are a large webhosting provider you can avoid this massive cost increase of your administrative panel by buying our DirectAdmin package of 182 licenses ( which is indivisible). The unit cost of lifelong license is thus $50, which equals the list price of DirectAdmin license, but which are no more current, as Direct Admin has just discontinued new lifelong DirectAdmin licenses.


Direct Admin Web Control Panel is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel designed to make administration of websites easier. DirectAdmin is often called DA for short.

DirectAdmin panel is compatible with several versions of CloudLinux, Red Hat, Fedora Core, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, FreeBSD, Ubuntu and Debian.

DirectAdmin avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes.

It has been programmed to be the fastest running control panel available.

We sell the above DirectAdmin licenses worldwide, also outside of USA. Nota bene: Buyers from European Union are subject to VAT tax.

Therefore, grab this unique opportunity of unlimited, lifelong DirectAdmin panels to escape cPanel price hike and to keep your hosting business competitive.

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